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Podcast - Happiness Restored | Brand Creation & Coaching | Resources for Entrepreneurs

No matter where you are in your journey,
I'm here to help you with

Finding your purpose
Fulfilling your passion
Building your Brand
Mapping your business strategy
Working your business smarter (not harder)

Work/Home Life Balance

Working through hardships to restore your happiness

Connecting you with like-minded individuals

and so much more!

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I provide you with resources that cover a wide variety of areas to help you with your entrepreneurship journey.  Planner inserts, workbooks, classes and more are offered in printed or digital formats. 

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Unsure where to begin? The Podcast is a great launching point to help inspire you with ways to start your own journey.  I am always looking to add to my guest lineup too!

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Are you an entrepreneur looking for a brand refresh or creation? I help you find your brand voice and offer 1-1 virtual coaching sessions to help you navigate road blocks in your business.


Do you feel like you are alone as you navigate one of the hardest truths you've been presented with? Do you wish there was someone out there who could offer a listening ear and empathy? 

I'm here to help you work through your hardships with the TOTAL system on your journey to ACCEPTANCE.  These two methods have helped me face my fears and learn how to be happy again.  These two methods, along with my Key 3 are what help me on a daily basis to maintain a happier lifestyle as well as launch and maintain multiple successful businesses.

Hardships will always come, but being equipped to handle those hardships is what has helped me find my passion, live my purpose and help others, like you, do the same.